What is the Public Service Commission?


The PSC Mission

The Montana Public Service Commission is a small agency with a big job: assure that Montanans have access to and pay a fair price for the quality services of investor-owned monopoly corporations. These include energy providers, private water and wastewater companies, and legacy telecommunication companies. The PSC also maintains a degree of oversight of taxi services and trash hauling as well as railroad and pipeline safety.


Why do I care?

Thanks in large part to the composition of the current PSC and State Legislature, Montana is missing out on much of the clean energy revolution. As a result, Montana is also missing out on critical clean energy job growth. This is unacceptable to me. Stopping climate change requires immediate solutions. It's time for the primary gatekeeper of energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy options - the PSC - to promote better opportunities for innovative energy options throughout Montana. 

In the 20 years I've spent working with industry on improving water quality, local governments on climate and infrastructure policy, and architects around the country on energy efficient buildings, I've seen much progress. I'm dedicated to bringing even more progress to Montana.


Why the PSC matters

Decisions have consequences. Utility rates and market accessibility signal certain values. The current PSC seems to value the interests of out of state corporations and their unsustainable business practices to the long term cost of all Montanans. It's time the PSC values renewables and innovation.