A Clean Energy Future = Prosperity and Innovation for Montan

Serving Montana

You deserve a knowledgable, experienced public service commissioner who puts your needs before those of the regulated monopolies.

I am committed to serving the interests of all Montanans, not those of investor-owned corporations. I will work with you, the State Legislature, and the Governor to craft and uphold policies that benefit the people of Montana.

United By A Common Goal

It's time the Public Service Commission demonstrates some true leadership in guiding Montana's energy future. Out-of-state utilities continue to divest their interests in Montana-based electricity, while our own utilities cling to dirty, outdated practices. The PSC can either allow this costly trend to continue, or it can work with Montana utilities to develop better, cleaner, and sustainable means to deliver the affordable energy to the people they serve.

We need to meet Montana's 21st century challenges with 21st century innovations that fit with Montana values.  The current PSC's internal bickering and lack of focus prevents real progress, especially on climate change action. The new PSC must catalyze new, robust opportunities for job creation, particularly in clean, renewable energy. It must foster innovation while protecting the bank accounts of those who have to pay: you.


Founder, Treeline Strategy Green Building/Sustainablity Consultants

American Institute of Architects Director of Sustainable Practice 2011-2013

US Conference of Mayors Environmental Policy Staff 2003-2010  

2007: Part of team to launch the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement

Missoula Local Government Citizens Academy 2019

Board member, City Club Missoula 2017-2019

Board member, MT/US Green Building Council 2015-2018; board chair 2018

Missoula City/County Water Quality Advisory Council 2014-2018

MS, University of Michigan (the other UM)

BA, University of Kansas

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Brett's Story

Imagine you live in the heart of a very large, busy city, the jobs you and your partner have are good, but not great, daycare costs as much as your mortgage, and the day-to-day battle is, well, a battle? Would you make the best of it?  Move to the suburbs? Or pursue new opportunities?

In 2013, an opportunity in Missoula beaconed. Adrea, Evelyn, Reid, Minnie the Greyhound and I left Washington, DC and have not looked back. Still, Washington was at the heart of many formative experiences. I was fortunate to work with mayors from all over the country on local environmental policies with my job at the US Conference of Mayors, where I was part of the team that launched the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, the basis of so many local climate action plans. I was also able to develop resources to help architects design energy efficient buildings that have next to zero environmental impact. I met a lot of good, smart people, and I hope I've made a positive impact.

In working with mayors for so long, I developed a sincere admiration of those who commit themselves to serving the public the best way the can, irrespective of their party affiliation.  In Montana, I've been struck by how accessible government at all levels can be, and I'd value your help in allowing me to serve you as the next District Four Public Service Commissioner. I will be a relentless, accessible advocate for fairness, a listener, and a champion for a clean energy future.

Further, I will extract the Public Service Commission from the time warp it's in now, where the world never changes. I’m running for the PSC because we deserve a 21st century commission that reflects a 21st century Montana. Just as I’ve focused my career on ensuring environmental quality and modernizing green building practices, I’m committed to working to improve the PSC’s role in ensuring a high quality of life for all Montanans.


While not busy with this campaign or working with building design teams on green building projects, I tend to my daddy day care and dog walking duties, and enjoy Montana for all the right reasons.